The oldest city of Western Pomerania

Kolobrzeg is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Western Pomerania. Exactly in 1000, King Boleslaw the Brave founded a bishopric – from that time began a period of splendor and development of the resort.

Perfectly preserved monuments are remnants of historical events.
But Kolobrzeg is primarily a well-known spa. Thanks to its unique microclimate rich in iodine, vast deposits of mud and brine, and the magnificent seaside location, this is the perfect place for all those who want a healthy rest.

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R-10 bicycle route



The Western bicycle route from Ustronie Morskie to Kołorzeg crosses the seaside Ekopark East (Salt Marsh). This route will delight not only nature lovers. When traveling along it, you will surely succumb to the charm of nature’s riches. Numerous swamps are reminiscent of this large forest complex’s virginity. The path continues picturesquely above the sea, up to the Kołobrzeg Forest


The route begins in the historic National Unity park in the Western part of the town of Kołobrzeg. The cycle path runs through picturesque forests along the Baltic coast to Dzwirzyno. It goes through former military areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the town, thanks to which you can fully enjoy the ride.


ul. Morska 1, Kołobrzeg

Standing at the entrance to the harbor, the lighthouse was first lit in 1666. Repeatedly rebuilt, the tower currently is 26 m tall, and its light can be seen from almost 30 km. The lighthouse is open to visitors – you can see not only the Baltic Sea, but also the beautiful panorama of Kolobrzeg from the top.

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Monuments and architecture
Bazylika Katedralna, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Cathedral Basilica

ul. Mariacka 5

Gothic Cathedral Basilica (Collegiate) of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kolobrzeg stands in the heart of the Old Town. Ruined during the war, it was rebuilt shortly afterwards. The interiors of the temple are decorated with artworks. One of the oldest and most valuable exhibits of the temple is a 4-foot, seven-branched candlestick cast in bronze from 1327.

Batsza Lontowa, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Fuse Tower

ul. Dubois 20

Fuse Tower in Kolobrzeg (commonly called Gunpowder Tower), is the only fully preserved medieval tower in Kolobrzeg. The first mention of it comes from the 14th century. Once it used to constitute an integral part of the defense system of the city, being part of the gothic city walls. The monument survived the turbulent period of the 17th and the 18th centuries, the destruction of the Kolobrzeg Fortress in the 19th century, and heavy fighting for the city during World War II.

Wieża ciśnień, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Water Tower

ul. Budowlana 4 A

Brick building in neo-Gothic style in created in 1885, simultaneously with the new waterworks, first built in the Middle Ages. The water was pumped from the river Parsęta to a huge tank on top of the tower, and from there distributed to residential buildings. During the siege of Kolobrzeg in March 1945, when the pump stopped working, the tank supplied the residents with drinking water. The building survived the war and was re-launched in the 70s of the 20th century.

Kołobrzeskie Molo, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg Pier

John Szymański boulevard

The first pier in Kolobrzeg was created in 1881. However, the wooden, 100-meter T-shaped structure was completely destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1971 – when a haven for small cruise ships was also created. Currently, the pier is 220 m long and 9 m wide, and the walking bridge is located at a height of about 4.5 meters above the sea level. After dark, the pier glistens with all the colors of the rainbow.

Ratusz Miejski, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

City Hall

ul. Armii Krajowej 12

The fisrt Kołobrzeg town hall was set up in the market in 1380. He was a real Hanza architecture masterpiece and the joy of citizens until the early 19th century. Then, as a result of the city siege it was mostly destroyed. On its ruins, in the 30s of the 19th century, a new one was built. Neo-Gothic structure was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Krasnale na budynku, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Post Office

róg ul. Armii Krajowej
i ul. Dworcowej

The neo-Gothic post office was established in 1884. After the devastation of World War II, it was among the 5% of the surviving buildings in Kolobrzeg. Its most interesting architectural details are dwarfs placed on the cornices; according to the local legend they are a good charm. When passing by, it is worthwhile to look up and find 10 little people.

Fontanna Kula Ziemska, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Globe Fountain

ul. Armii Krajowej

All you need is just one finger to move the Earth and turn the Granite globe (weighing more than a tonne!) placed on the water bearing. The fountain is located in front of the town hall and is one of the favorite meeting places of Kołobrzeg citizens. Touching it is supposed to bring good luck.

Muszla Koncertowa, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg


ul. Armii Krajowej

Surrounded by a beautiful park, the bandshell is a popular meeting place. A number of concerts and performances by local folk and cabaret bands take place here.

Amfiteatr, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg


ul. Fredry 1

The amphitheatre is also called the Wolf Fort. Designed to protect the Kolobrzeg port, it was rebuilt in 1925. During World War II, in 1945, it was the defensive point of the city. Currently, the Amphitheatre hosts major outdoor concerts as well as one of Poland’s most popular electronic music festivals – Sunrise Festival.

Port Kołobrzeski, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg Port

Cruises on the Baltic Sea

The port area has all the salty taste of the sea. The Eastern shore of the mouth of the Parsęta is a commercial harbour and passenger marina, the Western one – a fishing harbour and a military harbour. The marina is located on the Salt Island. The port operates transshipment quays, two shipyards, Local Fish First Sale Centre. Kolobrzeg is the home of a Maritime Search and Rescue shore station and sea border crossing.

Pomnik Zaślubin Polski z morzem, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Poland’s marriage to the sea monument

John Szymański boulevard

The monument, located next to the walkway, was designed by Viktor Tołkin. It commemorates the marriage to the sea of the Polish Army soldiers of 18 March 1945. Legend has it that it is enough to walk past the monument holding your breath for your dream to come true.

Najstarszy most żelazny, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

The oldest iron bridge


It is the only bridge in Kolobrzeg, which survived the two world wars. Metalowe balustrady zdobią po obu stronach kotwice z wkomponowaną datą budowy – 1900 r.

Nature and entertainment
Przydoda, Dziki Zachód, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Wild West

ul. Szczecińska 66

“Wild West” is an amusement park located in Zieleniewo just off Kołobrzeg. Here, you can meet real cowboys, visit a saloon and taste the favorite dishes of gold prospectors, see a western show, bank robbery and stunt shows. There is an Indian village and a real Indian wigwam in the park and “redskins” dressed in a traditional way take care of guests` good entertainment.

Oceanarium, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg


al. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 6 C

The Kołobrzeg oceanarium holds a true festival of fish in all possible colours and sizes. Blowfish, moray eels, stingrays, anemones, arowanas, tropheus, piranhas, beautiful lionfish, sharks and many other stunning creatures invite to the underwater world.

Park linowy, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Ropes Course

Kołobrzeg, ul. Solna 1

There are 8 routes of different length in the ropes course. They offer various difficulty level and number of obstacles. In total, all the routes are nearly 1,500 meters of excellent fun with 115 obstacles. The courseis open from 1 May to 30 October.

Dąb Bolesław, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Warcisław Oak

Ustronie Morskie
Las Kołobrzeski

The sessile oak growing in the Kołobrzeski Forest is 640 years and is the 4th oldest oak in Poland. Until recently, the 800-year-old oak Bolesław was growing in vicinity, but in June 2016, it was knocked down by a storm. Warcisław is as dignified as Bolesław used to be – it is 37 meters high and has 720 cm in circumference. Its patron is Prince Warcisław III, thanks to whom Kołobrzeg received city rights in 1225.

Park Zdrojowy, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Zdrojowy Park

al. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 6 C

The largest Kołobrzeg park is located in the spa zone. It was founded in the XIX century and covers the area of 31 hectares. Avenues lined with poplars, mountain ashes and sycamores encourage to rest in the nature. The Eastern part of the park is covered old trees (oak, hornbeams, ashes, fir trees, acacias) and rare tree species.

Ogrody Hortulus, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Hortulus Gardens


Near Koszalin, in Dobrzyca, there are the HortulusSpectabilis Gardens, where you can admire the world’s largest hornbeam labyrinth. The length of the tracks is more than 3 km and is waiting for adventurers who want to find the way to the exit. There is also a lookout tower in the gardens, From the tower you can not only admire the panorama, but also provide guidance lost in the maze.

Culture and art

Gallery of Contemporary Art

ul. Armii Krajowej 12

The gallery was founded in 1988. It housed exhibitions of works of outstanding Polish and foreign artists like Hasior, ZdzisławBeksiński, Martha Anto, JózefSzajna or Antoni Fałat. The gallery, apart from exhibitions and soirees, also runs educational activities and lessons for children and the youth.

Muzeum Oręża Polskiego, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Museum of Polish Arms

ul. Gierczak 5

The museum was founded in 1963 and is the richest collection in Poland of weapons, equipment and uniforms of Polish soldiers from World War I and II. It also houses a unique collection of paramilitary groups’ uniforms. The permanent exhibition “History of Polish Arms” is a chronological, rich collection showing the history of the Polish military from the Middle Ages to the present day. The exhibition is complemented by a fascinating open-air exhibition bringing together 70 heavy military vehicles, artillery and aircrafts.

Kino Wybrzeże, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Cinema Wybrzeże

ul. ppor. Edmunda Łopuskiego 24

The intimate atmosphere of this intimate and ambitious cinema allows you to indulge yourself in the magic of the moovies displayed and completely immerse yourself in the world of the film. The cinemaoffersPolish and foreignpremieres.

Regionalne Centrum Kultury, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Regional Culture Center

ul. Solna 1

This is the organizer of cultural and social life in Kołobrzeg. It is where groups and teams to do with music, theater, declamation, arts and dance work. All meetings are led by qualified instructors.

Centrala Atrakcji Wojskowych Bastion, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Military Attractions Base Bastion

ul. Koszalińska

A unique place where you can buy everything related to the army and the military – from the original uniform buttons, collector weapon models even to a tank! In addition to shopping, it is also an attraction, where you can go for a ride in a battle car.


One of the most popular mass events for fans of electronic music in Poland. Until 2018 the festival took place at the Kołobrzeg amphitheatre, and since 2019 the event has been organized on Kołobrzeg-Bagicz Airport in Podczele district.

Clubs & Restaurants

Kawiarnia MarinCafe, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Marine Hotel*****

ul. Sułkowskiego 9, Kołobrzeg

A place designed for those who love coffee and sweets as well as picturesque sunsets and endless sea. Located on the top floor of the Marine Hotel *****.
The Marini Café offers atmosphere of seaside carelessness filled with the sea breeze. In the summer the café terrace turns into a well knownKolobrzeg social place. The cafe serves sweets prepared in the hotel’s pastry with whipped cream and fruit sauces.

Restauracja Lobster, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg
Restauracja Lobster, Diune Hotel***** & Resort, Kołobrzeg

Marine Hotel*****

ul. Sułkowskiego 9, Kołobrzeg

Chamber Lobster Restaurant is located in the heart of the hotel, located just off the seaside promenade. We tend to remember unique moments through our senses, this is what our Chef – WieslawOgrodowski – concentrates on creating a copyright menu.
 The menu seduces guests with a combination of sophisticated flavors conjured with seasonal and healthy products and fish, which are the basis of modern kitchen. The Lobster Restaurant is specifically recommended to everyone looking for unforgettable culinary experiences

Diune Hotel & Resort*****

ul. Sułkowskiego 4, Kołobrzeg

ARTÉ Restaurant is an exquisite place where Chef Rafał Durka creatively combines the regional cuisine with modern inspirations from distant corners of the world. Carefully selected local and seasonal produce is used for preparation of the dishes. ARTÉ Cafe is a slow place in Kołobrzeg where you can practice the art of relaxation in a comfortable chair with a cup of aromatic coffee and a sweet dessert.

Restauracja Octopus
Restauracja Octopus

Boulevard Ustronie Morskie

ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 3 M-N, Ustronie Morskie

Dishes served in the Octopus Restaurant are worth a cycling trip to the nearby Ustronie Morskie. It is a perfect place those who want to experience a culinary adventure far away from the hustle and bustle, where dishes are served to a subtle accompaniment of the waves. Boulevard Burger prepared with fresh, chopped beef with a secret sauce of the Chef – Andrzej Hyndy beats records of popularity among gourmets! You can spend unforgettable and long moments here enjoying the stunning views of the sea with a glass of wine in hand…


Marine Hotel*****

ul. Sułkowskiego 9, Kołobrzeg

The centre of Kolobrzeg’s nightlife is the music club Maringo! often hosting the best DJs, where up to 400 people can enjoy themselves till dawn. A paradise for experienced connoisseurs of cocktails and bartending. Here you can also try your hand at bowling.

SandKlub Kołobrzeg

Sand Hotel****

ul. Sułkowskiego 9, Kołobrzeg

Here you can dance all night to the music of the best Polish and foreign bands. Perfectly complementing the fun are colorful cocktails served at the bar. They also will make sporting emotions event better – you can watch live broadcasts of the most important matches and competitions in Sand Klub.

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